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Graber Tradewinds® Natural Shades

Transform your space into a relaxing oasis with the natural colors and asymmetric textures of renewable materials like bamboo, reeds, grass, and jute. Distinctive, rustic materials are tightly woven to create an aesthetic that is both earthy and relaxing. 

Tradewinds Natural Drapes in Sarasota is a great solution that uses the same renewable materials like bamboo, reeds, grass, and Jutes in a slightly different style.

The unique asymmetric patterning of natural materials is part of the natural shade's appeal. All materials are hand-selected to comply with rigorous standards while honoring the materials' natural variations. Graber Natural shades in Sarasota are available at DoctorBlind's Blinds and Shades of Sarasota. 

Tradewinds woven shades at DoctorBlind's Blinds & Shades of Sarasota
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